Responsible for the content: Lena Johansson, Karlskrona kommun. Photo: Lena Johansson unless otherwise stated 

The Inscription on the World Heritage List

In 1998 the Naval City of Karlskrona became item no 560 on UNESCO´s list of irreplaceable World Heritage Sites. In an international context the city is of major importance, representing as it does an unrivalled illustration of how a fortified naval city and base from the 17th and 18th century was planned and established.
In the 18th century developments in Karlskrona in the fields of shipbuilding, architecture, city planning, military construction and engineering attracted widespread notice and recognition from the continent. For more than a century the distinctive architecture and specialised installations at the Navy yard served as a hub of military technology and industry in the Baltic region. Both the naval base and the dockyard have been in continuous operation from the time they were first established until the present day.

“Karlskrona is an exceptionally well preserved example of a European planned naval base, and although its design has been influenced by similar undertakings it has in turn acted as a model for comparable installations. Naval bases played an important part during the centuries when the strength of a nation’s navy was a decisive factor in European power politics, and of those that remain from this period Karlskrona is the most complete and well preserved.”

The World Heritage Sites Committee, 1998